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As a nutritional therapist I’m a big believer in the transformative power of food – especially plants which most of us don’t get enough of in our diet!  They are an essential source of vitamins, minerals, fibre and even protein that our often stressed out body’s need on a daily basis! Alchemy provides a convenient plant and therefore nutrient boost for my time starved patients and customers.  It was important that they were FOOD not supplements so they can be readily absorbed by the body and safe to use during pregnancy or given to children. 

I wanted to create my ultimate superfood blend for ease of use for my clients and to share my nutritional therapy knowledge – they are nutritional therapy in a pouch!  This is why the blends are so convenient – if you want more energy, then you just have to take Energy Elixir!   I also wanted to merge plant proteins with superfoods, as both are hugely important.  People often don’t get enough protein from plants in their diet as well as nutrients from plants in general. Protein is so so important to health – it is the building block of life!  

None of the blends have any stevia in them – I’m a big believer that whatever organic powder you use to boost your juice or smoothie shouldn’t take over the natural taste of plants!  Although stevia is natural, it still makes food taste more sweet than it should do which makes your taste buds more used to sweet taste.  It also tricks the body into thinking it is getting something calorie dense and when it doesn’t the body then craves it even more.

It was also important that they were organic – we are Soil Association member – of you concentrate any kind of food then you run the risk of concentrating pesticides too, so I know our blends are pure.

All the ingredients have a reason to be there – I work back from what the body needs nutrient wise to bring about certain health changes.  I then select the superfood or plant protein to provide this.  I only work with Soil Association growers across the world and also used re-useable pouches to minimise waste – no additional packaging boxes or plastic pots.

Our Energy Elixir for example, with just a 10g serving delivers almost 200% of your daily RDA of Vitamin C. You’d have to eat a lot of oranges to get that. No such thing as a Vitamin C tree!  What I mean by that is nowhere in nature do you and food that is a single nutrient – you don’t have a Vitamin C tree in just the same way you don’t have a pure source of protein from Salmon for example not only provides lots of essential fatty acid Omega 3 but also proteins and B vitamins.

Spirulina not only provides all the essential amino acids but also lots of iron and folic acid. An orange not only gives you Vitamin C but also lots of important fibre. This is the joy of foods or supplements.

Some superfood super stats Baobab – 6x Vitamin C of oranges, 2x calcium of milk Moringa – high in calcium, fibre & protein Goji – more beta carotene than carrots, 21 trace minerals, more iron than spinach Chlorella – 50% plant protein, high in magnesium, iron and folate Spirulina – 60% plant protein, high levels of iron and minerals, all the essential amino acids, good source of B12 Pea and hemp protein – low fat: 4% versus 14% in lamb, up to 80% protein

The beauty of superfoods and especially blended superfoods (that mix the benefits of lots of different superfoods together), is that it allows us to consume nature’s most nutrient plants in a form that the body recognises as food.

No fillers or anything synthetic, just plant power.

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