Sport Elixir Voyager pack – 4 servings


40g / 4 servings per pack 

Post exercise nutrient booster

Sport Elixir is an alkalising blend of vegan plant protein, moringa and wheatgrass combined with B vitamin rich lacuma and antioxidant rich acai. Perfect for adding into your post training smoothie to help alkalise, repair and boost lean muscle.


Pea protein, lucuma, wheatgrass, hemp protein, acai & camu camu

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Be transformed by Sport Elixir’s blend of 6 organic nutrient-dense whole foods designed for post exercise recovery and repair.  Our sport blend contains pea and hemp plant proteins lucuma, wheatgrass, acai & camu camu; Pea protein contains all the essential amino acids plus brand chain amino acids, and hemp protein is a good source of Omega 3 to help support our joints. 20g provides over 7g of vegan plant protein to support lean muscle mass, plus a rich source of B vitamins, antioxidants, iron and magnesium to help support recovery.

All our blends are Soil Association, Vegan Society and Vegetarian Society approved to make sure we provide the purest blends possible  There are no added fillers, flavours or preservatives, sugar or stevia.


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