Molly & Gaby from Planted’s Green Juice

We cannot wait to welcome fellow Brightonians vegan chefs Molly & Gaby to our Retreat in the Spring.  They’ll be hosting our Saturday night vegan tasting menu, 5 courses of delicious and nutritious plant powered delights.  Their cooking is all about naturally healthy, seasonal, plant based ingredients that make you feel amazing…plus they also throw in a good treat every once and a while, because sometimes you just need a big slab of cake.


1          Cucumber

3          Apples

4          Celery stalks

½         Broccoli head

½         Big bunch of parsley

1 inch chunk of fresh ginger

Method – Serves 2

  1. Wash all the ingredients. If using non-organic ginger then peel, otherwise leave the skin on.
  2. Put in the juicer and juice.

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