Jessica Cook – meditation teacher and intuitive practitioner

We’re very much looking forward to having Jessica at our Rejuvenation Retreat in May. The session will take place in the beautiful woodland yurt in the grounds at Tilton House. Jess will be taking her inspiration from the surrounding nature, journeying through the woodlands and fields in a guided visual meditation that embraces all of the senses. It will be grounding, calming and deeply connected with our heart centres so that we can experience the joy as this seat of our intuition and guidance is activated, expands and fully embraces us for who we are, ushering in a level of acceptance and connectiveness which is really beautiful.  

The session will include setting the intention for the meditation, meditation, plus a 10 minute silent walk in the grounds to connect and 20 mins sharing and question time.

Jess Cook is a meditation teacher and intuitive practitioner.  With 10 years meditation experience, her training initially took her to the Himalayas where she studied to be a Vedic meditation teacher.  Over the following years, Jess has continued to expand her understanding of holistic practices and has trained in and studied a variety of healing modalities which are woven together intuitively in a healing session or a guided meditation to help release unprocessed emotions and inhibiting beliefs, reinstate balance and enable us to access the connectivity and inner truth that our hearts long for. 

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