Food as Medicine

‘Eat food.  Mostly plants.  Not too much.’ Michael Pollan

These 7 words sum up my approach to nutritional therapy – if we had more plants in our daily lives then our body would thank us for it!  This is the reason why I developed my Alchemy blends – to work through what the body needs to bring about different health changes by selecting the superfoods+plant proteins that would provide the required nutrients.

My talks at the Retreat will be based on women’s health.  So many of us suffer with symptoms in relative silence – continuing to look after everyone else except ourselves, and told by our GP it’s our age or that we have to just live with it.  My 4 talks are on common issues I see in my practice and I hope that some will resonate and help support you during your weekend.

Hormone Health – including PCOS, fibroids, PMS

Weight – reasons for weight gain (especially round the middle), long term solutions without the need for dieting

Mood – including anxiety and depression

Menopause – preparation and foods to help symptoms

You’ll also be armed with useful crib sheets to take home with you.

Karen x

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