Diet Reset Day Retreat

Why do we find it so hard to lose weight, especially around the middle? Our hormones have a big role to play which is why calorie restriction doesn’t work and why so often menopause is intertwined with fat gain around the middle. Join nutritionist Karen Newby at the beautiful Tilton House in the Sussex countryside to discuss how to shift that central weight and why calorie counting doesn’t work. The day will also include a session by Lucy Pinto on the best way to exercise.

“Misleading diets, food trends and pressure from society have created so many mixed messages about what we should and shouldn’t be doing to achieve our ideal shape. There are many factors that have an impact on our bodies and fat stores; stress, sleep and cortisol levels to name a few all of which are rarely talked about” – Lucy.

A certified Level 4 personal trainer, fitness and nutrition adviser with over 15 years experience, Lucy has worked with people from all walks of life from those taking their first steps into the fitness world, to experienced athletes who want to smash their personal best. She also specialises in helping people conquer their fears. 

The focus of the Day Retreat is all about restoring our energy, our feeling of happiness and losing excess weight around the middle….without the need for dieting!

The day will include:

  1. Why diets don’t work and why they set us up to fail.
  2. Why we find it so hard to lose that fat around the middle even with calorie counting and exercise.
  3. Talk by The Box founder Lucy Pinto on how to exercise effectively.
  4. How to lose that hard to shift central fat (with vitality and no sense of deprivation thrown in!)
£140, January 17th, 930-430pm, Tilton House, Firle
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