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You’re 99% microbe…it’s time you started eating like it –Jeff Leach

The gut remains an essential part of our wellbeing, with a huge amount of on-going research attempting to further understand this complex microbiome. The gut is home to two-thirds of our immune system; it’s the biggest line of defence against the outside world (aside from the skin), essential for transport of nutrients, protection against pathogens and our immune response. It’s also known as the ‘second brain’ – our ‘gut feeling’. It’s home to the largest amount of nerve endin.....

Alchemy’s Guide to Green Sport’s Nutrition

Exercise places greater needs on the body not only for macronutrients (especially carbohydrates and protein) but for micronutrients too.  So often the focus is on protein, protein, protein.  High protein shakes (highly flavoured, there’s even a birthday cake flavour), are often hyped at boosting lean muscle and being essential to consume within that one hour window after training (research into this is ongoing about the optimum anabolic window). .....