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New Mama Energy Boosters

By Karen Newby, BSc Nutritional Medicine and Alchemy founder Zero Time Maximum Nutrients Batch cooking and make the most of your freezer. You need quick sustenance that just requires you to heat it up or put onto a plate. No slaving at the stove (you’ve already prepped for the little one) and you need something that is quick enough to fix so that you can max out on their sleep time, taking some rest too. Spend time when you have your partner around, to make up batches.....

Green pregnancy nutrition

More than any other time in our lives, we’re most conscious about what we eat as soon as we find out we’re pregnant! A varied diet rich in fruit and vegetables, pulses, wholegrains, eggs and fish are all essential to nourishing ourselves and our bumps too. Buy organic if you can to minimise pesticides and herbicides (to keep toxins to a minimum) and to maximise nutrient content. My first priority is to help my patients eat as nutrient rich as possible… in the easiest way poss.....