And breathe….

Did you know that we breathe up to 8L of air per minute?  Although breathing practices such as pranayama can be hugely advantageous to us, it’s also a well known fact that breathing in often high levels of pollutants in our cities increases the amount of detoxification our bodies have to deal with.

Here are our top 5 ways to boost your antioxidants to help support detoxification:

1.  Add our Beauty Elixir to your morning smoothie – packed with antioxidant rich superfoods such as acai, camu camu and goji berries.

2.  Eat 5-8 portions of brightly coloured fruits and vegetables per day (this includes white and green).  The precious phytonutrients (that protect plants and us too) are even more abundant in organic produce.

3.  A small handful of walnuts or brazil nuts boost the body’s mineral status – especially selenium which supports detoxification – and anti-inflammatory omega 3s.

4.  Boost your Vitamin C (almost 200% RDA in one serving of our Beauty Elixir) to help quench free radicals and help support our skin.

5.  Drink 2L of water gradually throughout the day (no downing pints at a time!) to help stimulate the liver and kidneys to flush out our system.

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