5 ways to feed your skin

and combat this week’s cold snap……
1.  Vitamin C – not only will this vitamin help our immune system it’s also essential for skin health – essential for collagen synthesis (which slows with age) – don’t forget vegetables are also a great source – just steam not boil.  Our Beauty Elixir has 200% of our Vit C daily requirements.
2.  Oil – especially in this cold.  From small oily fish, avocado, nuts, seeds.  Linseed oil and evening primrose are good vegan alternatives to fish oil.
3.  Colour = antioxidants.  Astaxanthin for example is what makes salmon, trout and pomegranates (and flamingos!) that beautiful pink colour.  Also a potent antioxidant.
4.  Zinc and Vit A – essential for healthy skin.  Zinc helps keep testosterone in check, and Vit A helps reduce bobbles on the backs of arms and hyper keratinisation.  Get A from those colourful plants (see 4!) and zinc from prawns, lean beef and seeds. 
5.  Water – but due to this cold make sure it’s room temperature or drink herbal teas (although not rooibus as the tannins can deplete iron absorption).

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