5 reasons to get your 10 a day

Recent research has shown that we should be aiming for 10 portions of veg and fruit per day.  As a nutritional therapist, an essential part of any programme is a bedrock of plants…here are my top 5 reasons why:

1. Mineral and vitamin rich – they are nature’s multi-Vit

2. Phytonutrient rich – ‘phyto’ is the Greek word for plant – 1000s of natural chemicals which help to protect plants from germs, fungi and other threats and help us too

3. Anti-oxidant rich – acting as free radical scavengers they help to reduce the body’s toxic load

4. High amounts of fibre to nourish the gut and helps to reduce cholesterol

5. It helps us to lose weight as plants are naturally low in calories plus the fibre helps to increase satiety levels making us less likely to crave nutrient poor foods and caffeine!


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